We are greatly interested not only when performing our shows but also in teaching movement sequences.

Everyone at Spektakulo works in educational settings and have the professional background and abilities to work with larger groups.

Our target group includes children, teens and adults of any age – people who are interested in learning, what is possible to achieve with little training and the right guidance.

-Juggling (throws, swinging and contact juggling)
-Acrobatics (solo and partner acrobatics)
-Aerial artistry (aerial silks and trapeze)


Those are the tools that we can provide in our workshops. We work with specific tools in our workshops, as well as with a combination of different techniques.

Everything circus-related might be a highly-demanded part of our workshop, but it is certainly not the only theme in our repertoire. There are almost no limitations when it comes to the design and content of our workshops.

We are happy about every client who has distinct expectations regarding our workshops.

Commitment to our work and a high level of standards we have set for ourselves are a given for us and we will implement your expectations of a successful workshop.